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Zero Point for beginners

Here is the page many have waited for with baited breath. Let's get the formalities out of the way, then we can discuss some background, theory and substitutions. Gallum, Rochelle salts, Iron Pyrite, Germanium. Those 4 simple ingredients have been sought after since the very first idea was drawn up for a device made from wood, and counter balanced with stones that was to revolutionize the entire world by its mechanism. The first documented perpetual motion device was a failure in the 1500's, as were countless other adaptations since. All that is long past. In the 1920's, a student of Nikola Tesla, Thomas Townsend Brown discovered a strange effect while modifying vacuum tubes by making different chemical compounds, and exploring the different attributes of certain semi-conductors. What he discovered defied certain limitations set forth by the science of the day. He discovered the crystal battery. Unseen, unknown forces were oscillating, perpetually in his mixtures.

It is believed to have been suppressed by the captains of industry of the day, fearing they would see less profit from the industrial revolution that was financed by them, the chemistry was shelved. In to the picture strolls John Hutchison. John, like Thomas, was a great admirer and student of Nikola Tesla. John had a dream to fulfill involving Nikola's shelved research. He read all he could lay his hands on about Tesla, the theories, his students in life, and their discoveries as well. John's dream was to continue Tesla's research and give back to the world wireless power transmission, free energy for everyone. John set about this by rebuilding Tesla's equipment piece by piece. He wound his own coils, made his own capacitors, and studied the period machinery of the day. Doors opened and closed with every new discovery culminating when he had an intuition about the strong possibility of complex fields harmonizing between different apparatus he was using.

If it were not for the fact that John ran his labs on donations and a shoestring budget, the overlapping fields may never have manifested what everyone knows came next. John turned on all of the usual suspects at once, and began to take measurements of the field interactions. Levitation was discovered. He never expected to discover this, it was not his goal. The whole ordeal amounted to a lot of publicity, some sharks came to see how they could manipulate something for themselves, and John also met thousands of people. As things turned out, the biggest sharks were dead set on weaponising his discoveries. All other investment was chased away, and ultimatums, aka government contracts were presented, and refused. This effectively stalemated much of John's research. To this day in fact. John wanted to deliver the globe into a new age of peace and prosperity, free energy, food and shelter and warmth for everyone, not a manufacturer of WMD's. John decided to relocate to another country to try to co-operate with another government that was far less malignant. He and long time love interest Yin were in negotiations with the German government to relocate John's 22 ton lab from Vancouver to Germany. The couple left the details to the lawyers, and went to Germany to await the arrival of the lab.

The Canadian government in partnership with his ex-business partner George Lisacase hired many trucks, and the entire 22 tons of equipment disappeared. When the German government called the Canadian government and requested the items, they were told there was nothing in the warehouse other than wall to wall 45 gallon drums of PCPs! Would they still like it shipped?

The Germans declined of course. John was crushed, his dream was shattered. He had followed too closely in Nikola's footsteps, and stepped on the toes of some heavy power brokers. The Hutchisoneffect was effectively shelved for a couple of years while John and Yin lived abroad.

Newspaper articles publicly accuse John of collecting enough PCBs to warrant an out door poorly contained storage facility for all of "his" pcbs.  

In true Nikola Tesla fashion, John decided to not give up his dream of free energy, he just began to make it smaller and cheaper. Necessity was certainly the mother of the crystal battery invention. John is very attentive to detail. Nearly every item that passes through his hand is inspected, scrutinized, and committed to memory. He is well aware of the elements and compounds that comprise most things, be it household cleaners, to circuits and components. Knowing this about him, it should come as no surprise that the rare earths, semi-conductors, the germanium and so on needed for his experimentation with crystal batteries originally came from crushed components from available tubes, transistors, and diodes and such.

(WARNING*** know what you are crushing before you poison yourself or others!! One small scratch from many broken ic chips will balloon your appendage twice its size from the toxins! Some of the most toxic poisons known to man are found in these chips, radio active valve or tube material is also not uncommon!)

For some of the more exotic silicates, John would resort to his knowledge of geology and use rocks. (See his Tech TV show if you haven't already.)

As demonstrated in the Tech Tv episode John filmed, The ingredients are collected, crushed, poured into a cooking container, watered and mixed, and the mixture is heated to a thick or hard consistency, an electrode is placed in the center, and the unit is charged with a high voltage charge until it is cooled.

The outer skin of the container is one pole and the center post is the other. John has put the mixture into tennis balls, shaving tins, cans, all kinds of containers work. That’s part of the beauty of this invention, it can be poured into any space leaving no area wasted or hollow if it suits the design.

The basic theory is that this device is rectifying gravimetric stresses. A basic explanation for the Casmir Effect can be discovered with two pieces of glass, cleaned, flat and sandwiched together. It takes some effort to pull or pry the pieces apart because of the vacuum holding them together right? Wrong. It is not vacuum to any degree that is exerting influence. This is the Casmir Effect. Ok, now we can relate to a common experience and mentally acknowledge the forces at work here. The next piece of the puzzle is induction of a sort. If you replaced the glass pieces, with two dissimilar metals, highly polished and flat, there is an electrical potential that builds as the two pieces approach each other. Once the pieces make contact, they short, putting an end to the voltage potential.

The effort to separate the plates, counteracting the gravimetric stresses otherwise termed the Casmir Effect, is in excess of the working voltage produced, making it seem as though this is a dead end as far as an endless power supply goes. Now look at your watch. Does it mention something about quartz on the face? What does this mean? Crystals vibrate, oscillate, pulse, however you want to describe it. The Quartz movement works exactly like this, quartz oscillates at exactly 32,000 times per second. A micro-computer chip counts these oscillations, and advances the display by 1 second for every 32,000 oscillations. This is the same all over the world, and the rate of oscillation varies from different types of crystals to different types of crystal mixtures. This is also known as Zero Point Energy. It has yet to be proven exactly what forces of nature are at work eternally flexing these crystals. Now lets micro-size this into a crystal power converter. The two dissimilar metal plates in our case would be, Gallum, and Iron Pyrite.

The crystal would be Rochelle Salts. Crushed into powders, the salt crystals find their way between the dissimilar metals. Once the unit is solidified, the Casmir Effect attempts to compress every piece of metal together. As the dissimilar metals approach each other, a small voltage potential is created. As they are about to make contact and short, the salt crystals between the dissimilar metals that are oscillating at their own rate, allow the metals to approach, then repel them naturally. Thousands of times per second! The issue of mechanically separating the metals is no longer an issue. The crystals do this naturally, for ever. The electrons created accumulate to the post, and the Germanium, which is a diode material that allows electrons to flow in only one direction, rectifies this energy into a usable dc power source, and directs the electrons to the post, forever. What you have just read is the most basic formula for the crystal power converter. There are substitutions for each compound and element, and there are solutions to the accumulation of enough electrons to do real work. The largest battery of this kind was created by John in Japan.

This battery was a collection of smaller cells, wired in series. At that time, consistency between the cells was not quite understood, and a cascading failure of one then the next cell as they over heated and shorted out caused the battery to explode creating a huge mess covering the entire lab in the dust. During the cooling of the mixture in the process filmed on the Tech TV show, energy is applied to the post to mimic the natural electron flow, this causes the microscopic dissimilar metal platelets to conform better, and repels them from touching one another, less microscopic "short circuits" keeps temperatures down when the converters are under a load. We are nowhere near finished on this subject. We are developing newer ingredients lists, and better techniques to keep consistency issues from deterring the technology. A couple of last tips, germanium is a bit expensive, the diodes that are made of glass with a red spot at one end, brownish inside may be safely crushed for a cheap source of germanium.

Iron pyrite can be substituted, fools gold is also known as pyrite, and has many exotic silicates embedded in it. As for the amounts and the ratios, John is reluctant to give out that information. Its no big secret, its just his way of achieving a vast and varied amount of feedback as to what works, and promotes new discoveries in this field. Far be it from him to dictate to anyone how to conduct their experiments. The other uses and applications as field detectors is found here.. Please keep us posted of your discoveries, please be safe. Google all elements, and procedures as best you can for a second opinion, and poison control information. The list given has been handled with bare hands and mixed with out ventilation or goggles, no detrimental effects are known to have occurred. We are not recommending this approach, just commenting on our experience. If you want specific results, perhaps you might check out our newsletter article first. Either way, best of luck!

If you might be interested in following John's current business venture into software, he has partnered with a developer to create a new craigslist software, check it out if you get a minute.

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