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It is a widespread belief in alternative science that ancient civilizations possessed a much greater technological knowledge than Egyptologists are willing to accept. Many of those theories are lacking serious foundation and are often based on overdrawn speculations. But the theory that electricity was known and used in antiquity seems to rest on a much more stable foundation.

According to most texts the "voltaic pile," or electric battery, was invented in 1800 by the Count Alassandro Volta. Volta had observed that when two dissimilar metal probes were placed against frog tissue, a weak electric current was generated. Volta discovered he could reproduce this current outside of living tissue by placing the metals in certain chemical solutions. A little jar about the size of a man's fist sitting in the National Museum of Iraq, in Baghdad suggests that Volta didn't invent the battery, but reinvented it. The jar was first described by German archaeologist Wilhelm Konig in 1938. It was found with several others, at a place called Khujut Rabu, just outside Baghdad. It is now known as the Baghdad battery.

Willard F. M. Gray of the General Electric High Voltage Laboratory in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, built some reproductions. When filled with an electrolyte like grape juice, the devices produced about two volts. German researcher Dr. Arne Eggebrecht used copies of the batteries to electroplate items.


Another key element for the electro-thesis is actually something that is missing. It's a riddle where schoolbook science is capitulating. Soot. In none of the many thousands of subterranean tombs and pyramid shafts was found a single trace of soot, as we are told by the authors of the electro-thesis, although many of these tombs are full of often colorful paintings. But the primitive light sources (candles, oil lamps etc.) are always leaving soot and are using oxygen. So how did the Egyptians get their light? Some scientists are claiming with mirrors, but the quality of the copper plates the Egyptians used as mirrors were not good enough for that, nor has a set ever been recovered. As we have demonstrated with the recreation of The Ark of the Covenant, it also has electrical properties such as capacitance, and radio capabilities. This new evidence suggests a much greater understanding than archeologists and Egyptologists would like to admit. However, for some reason theories about the ancient relics seem to have been approved or disapproved by people with no background in electrical engineering or radio. Any student taking a course in such things follows a logical progression of electronics, as one technology opened the door for the next. For instance, DC power was harnessed, the light bulb was invented, AC power was invented, then the Tesla coil transformer, then radio was discovered, then it was harnessed by the vacuum tube. These fundamental inventions occurred around the turn of the century and were a result of 2 persons works, Edison, and Tesla. Edison successfully filed 1,093 patents, Tesla filed 112 successfully. Therefore, does it stand to reason that a civilization that stood for thousands of years came upon a similar logical progression? All of the resources of the Egyptian kingdom could come up with a crude battery and light bulb, but not go beyond this in thousands of years? I think modern day egos of certain persons charged with explaining history have exceeded their usefulness. Today’s technology is still incapable of creating the monoliths they did. At any speed.


We believe there is a rather simple explanation that still persists today. The elite and those they chose to include into their inner circle of knowledge were aware of the current advancements in science. The rest of the civilization was unaware of the current state of technology, and quite possibly mesmerized by electrical advancements attributed to their "Gods" left to their bronze farming implements. This would explain the parallel sources of conflicting information, the apparent state of technology did not mirror the true nature of the advancements of the state. Since little is known for sure of their inner politics, who said the ancient government was even obligated to disclose any technology to the masses? These advancements may have appeared as a threat to the ancient governments and religions power over their peoples perceptions.

The Hathor-Temple in Dendera

In this temple in Dendera, several dozens of kilometers north of Luxor, archaeologists found the relief below.

A Norwegian electrical engineer noticed that the object shown on the relief could work as a lamp. An Austrian colleague was able to construct a working model based on it. What we see is without question a form of bulb, with two arms reaching into it near its thick end, and a sort of cable at the other end, from where a snake is leaping out to touch the arms on the other side. The whole ensemble really looks like a lamp. And thats as far as the theory ever got... until now.

John Hutchison has rebuilt working versions of the Ark of the Covenant, and proven beyond a doubt that the ancient Egyptians had a working knowledge of very high voltage, high amperage transformers, capacitors, and static scavenging units.. In the light of this new discovery, old outdated theories must now be revisited. We are trying to explore the possibility of a whole new school of thought, not re-write history. We have nothing to gain or lose by convincing anyone of our hypothesis. We are progressing along a path of probable possibilities based on modern day understandings of high voltage, radio, and the discoveries of John Hutchison in the areas of harmonic frequencies known as the Hutchison-effect. The Hutchison-effect has very serious implications in our modern day understandings of alchemy, and gives physics an entirely new dimension of measure and manipulation. There are just too many parallels to the ancients to ignore, to much baseless assumption to leave Egyptian Technology unaddressed.

In the upcoming research into the various implications of the working ancient high-voltage radio transceiver, the Ark, we intend to recreate the ancient bulbs in true Egyptian fashion, using of course only materials commonly accepted as being at the disposal of the ancients. The bulbs we create will have a vacuum, and filaments to recreate ancient transceiver tubes. The tube experiment will work, powered by the Ark of the Covenant, as we know will surely power them. So why then, bother with the experiment if we know it will perform as expected? We don’t know exactly how it will perform, we just know it will function. Just as we knew the Ark would function, there were many surprises along the way as we looked through the eyes of the ancient builders gaining insight into their thought process and methods of construction, much in the same way John discovered what was written in lost Tesla texts by recreating devices already known to work. It was in this fashion that John discovered levitation and transmutation of elements. A radiant energy device was created by T. Henry Moray, it had 29 special vacuum tubes in it, tapped zero point with a cold cathode design, and it could power 50, 000 watts per hour. Could these ancient tubes have been tuned to zero point frequencies? Could the staggered square stand that props these bulbs up be a step up or step down transformer?


The aim of our Egyptian Technology series is to recreate one ancient device based upon another until our collection of ancient equipment is sufficient to resonate the harmonic radio frequencies discovered by John Hutchison that will cause levitation and transmutation of elements. The hypothesis we are working from is that the ancients had the ability, the materials, and the knowledge to have been able to generate high voltage, levitate their monoliths into place, and transmuted elements into the massive amounts of gold that was at their disposal. Please be patient and check back often, we fund these projects ourselves. There are economies based upon the gold standard, and entire libraries of books in need of editing if experiments continue to succeed as expected. We really don’t expect our ideas to be welcomed by the status quo, nor does John mind. Here is the information, take from it what you may.


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