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Teleportation / Disappearing Samples

Perhaps you have heard in the news that scientists just recently achieved teleportation for the first time in 2014. Although these people are probably brillient in their own respects, I think they need to have a look at this video below. The definition of teleportation is when an object, vanishes intentionally from one space, and reappears in another. I think that when you look below at the Hutchisoneffect experiment conducted in the 1980's, you will find that John Hutchison was likely the first inventor to discover teleportation. You will also see, that this is done repeatedly, or in their words, "reliably" and not just with "data" as the more recent teleportations have achieved, but with a variety of objects..

Hutchison Disappearing /Teleporting Samples

Exploring the Unknown with John Hutchison


Lightning Vandegraph