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The Merriman - Mallove Pact

This was a bet made to separate cold fusion hype from reality, at at time when CF proponents---Dr. Mallove in particular---were making strong predictions about the viability of cold fusion energy. In addition to me, many other vocal skeptics signed on, including Dr. Steve Jones, Dr. Frank Close, Dr. Doug Morrison, Dr. Bruce Scott and Tom Droege. As for who won, you be the judge.

The Merriman-Mallove Pact

Given that:
(a) = Cold Fusion (CF) will be widely accepted as existing
(b) = CF will be widely accepted as energy producing
(c) = CF will be widely accepted as economically viable

and (a), (b), or (c) will occur on or before July 19, 1996 we, G. Mallove (Eugene F. Mallove) and____________, having diametrically opposed views on the subject of CF, agree in 2 years time (on or before July 19, 1996) to publically acknowledge---based on the status of (a) & (b) & (c) above---that either:
G. Mallove is a wishful thinking, scientifically ignorant crank/dupe, or
___________ is a small minded, scientifically stagnant sheep/dupe

SIGNED: G. Mallove (Eugene F. Mallove) and ______________________
Date of Nth party signing ___________ 1994

Definition of Terms
Cold Fusion

For the purposes of this agreement, ``CF'' is defined as a new nuclear process, and/or a super-chemical process orders of magnitude beyond the energy release capability of any standard chemistry, and/or "something else" like tapping of ZPE [Zero Point Energy], which is orders of magnitude beyond the energy release capability of any standard chemistry. - Mallove
Widely Accepted

"Widely accepted" will mean: at least a few major technical journals (e.g. IEEE Spectrum) not formerly known to be giving attention or credence to cold fusion, as well as a few general science journals (e.g. Science News) will be writing stories that conclude roughly: "Yes, excess energy production in 'cold fusion' systems that no one can possibly any longer ascribe to ordinary chemistry, has now been convincingly proved. It is also clear that there are mysterious accompanying nuclear products that have been verified, especially reproducible tritium production in some systems such as at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Now that the formerly disreputable 'cold fusion' field is fully credible, a large effort is underway to nail down the physical explanation. - Mallove

Sample Mallove Predictions

``The tokamak program will be utterly destroyed by excess energy devices of the cold fusion variety. I give HF [hot fusion] two years more, tops.'' Mallove, sci.physics.fusion newsgroup, subject Re: Heeter Fusion, 7/15/94

``Also, within two years one or more companies will announce ['cold fusion'] demonstration units that will heat rooms or entire houses.'' Mallove, sci.physics.fusion newsgroup, subject: MM-Pact, 27 July 1994

``Prototype cold fusion home heating units are widely expected to emerge this year or next. Electrical power generation by cold fusion will follow soon thereafter, with the likelihood of automotive and perhaps aircraft propulsion by cold fusion within a decade.'' Written submission to the Subcommittee on Energy of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology on 5th May 1993


More thoughts on Mallove by Bill

Eric Krieg’s observations about Mallove: “I didn’t have good interactions with him and resented his boasting about having gone to MIT. It’s a shame he promoted so much crackpot technology including a number of con men and people who make a living promising free energy in a few weeks. I think he was sincere about wanting to give alt ideas a chance – but I worried his journal lead people to waste time with false claims. I have nicely asked Mallove to allow me to write an article offering the other point of view and found him very hostile. As of 5/2003, he has ignored my offers to resolve our disputes in a civil way. On 5/2003, I noticed his web site promoted free energy con man, Joe Newman. Still, I was sorry to hear of him dying in the end of 2004.