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Eugene Mallove

Taken at an ICCF sometime in the mid-nineties.

Eugene F. Mallove (June 9, 1947 - May 14, 2004) was the publisher and editor of the science magazine Infinite Energy, founder and President of the non-profit New Energy Foundation,a strong proponent of cold fusion and the science and technology of massfree energy or aether energy (also called 'vacuum energy' and confused with zero-point energy), and an active supporter of research into alternative-energy systems.

Mallove authored the Pulitzer Prize nominated Fire from Ice, a book detailing the 1989 report of table-top cold fusion from Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann at the University of Utah. Among other things, he claims the team did produce "greater-than-unity" output energy in an experiment successfully replicated on several occasions, but that the results were suppressed through an organized campaign of ridicule from mainstream physicists and hot fusioneers trying to protect their research and funding.


Eugene Mallove held a B.S. and M.S. in aeronautics and astronomy from the MIT and a Ph.D in environmental health sciences from Harvard University. He had worked for technology engineering firms such as Hughes Research Laboratories, the Analytic Science Corporation, and MIT's Lincoln Laboratory, and he consulted in research and development of new energies.

Mallove taught science journalism at MIT and Boston University and was chief science writer at MIT's news office, a position he left as part of a dispute with the school over cold fusion.

He was a science writer and broadcaster with the Voice of America radio service and author of three science books: The Quickening Universe: Cosmic Evolution and Human Destiny (1987, St. Martin’s Press), The Starflight Handbook: A Pioneer’s Guide to Interstellar Travel (1989, John Wiley & Sons, with co-author Gregory Matloff), and Fire from Ice: Searching for the Truth Behind the Cold Fusion Furor (1991, John Wiley & Sons). He also published articles for numerous magazines and newspapers.

Mallove was a member of the Aurora Biophysics Research Institute, one of the founders of the International Society of the Friends of Aetherometry, a member of its Organizing Committee, a co-inventor of the HYBORAC technology and one of the main evaluators of ABRI technologies.

His alternative energy research included studying the reproduction and subsequent improvement of W. Reich's Orgone Motor by Dr. Paulo Correa and Alexandra Correa, as well as the anomalous evolution of heat in the Reich-Einstein experiment, replicated by the Correas. He was among the scientists and engineers who confirmed the output of excess electric energy from tuned pulsed plasmas in vacuum arc discharges.

Mallove's combative stance against what he saw the hypocrisy of mainstream science gave him a high profile. Among other things, he was a frequent guest on the American radio program Coast-to-Coast AM because of his work with unorthodox energy sources.

2004 murder

Eugene Mallove was murdered May 14, 2004 in Norwich, Connecticut, while cleaning a recently vacated rental property owned by his parents, the home he grew up in. Although the nature of Mallove's work led to some conspiracy theories regarding the homicide, police suspected robbery was the motive. On June 3 2005 they arrested a local man, Gary McAvoy, in connection with the shooting.

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