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The Kermit

It was late in the summer of 1957, and I was six years old.
I know this for I was to begin school that following September, I was seven when I started.
We were visiting our grand parents from our mothers side of the family in Virginia.
I awoke one morning from a very strange dream in which our bed room in our grand mothers house was suddenly invaded by various sized frog like beings that just came through the walls.
These beings walked upright like humans.
What made me think of them as frogs was their funny horizontal pupils in eyes that were located high up on their heads.
They seem to have had pads or suction cups at the tips of their long thin fingers.
They also had big mouths but I never saw them open them, but I do remember thinking of a high hat with eyes on top of it.
All the boys (Chuck, Ralph, and I) slept in the one bed, in the upstairs front bedroom above the porch of the house.
On the porch roof in the dream stood three larger of these entities.
They were about three to four feet tall.
I thought the little guys were cute but these bigger guys did frighten me, and I could not look at them long.
All I really remember of this silly dream outside of that, is that these smaller entities seemed to be everywhere I looked and I could see them still coming through the wall paper and I wondered how many of them could get inside the house.
Now understand back in the fifties their was a Saturday morning Kiddie Show that Chuck loved and I hated called Andys' Gang, because he was the oldest we had to watch what he wanted to see.
In it was a frog like puppet, that would just appear in a puff of smoke.
It was a squat horrible looking thing dress in a human suit.
These entities that I saw did not look like "Froggy" as it was called, but years later I was to see something so close to how these entities look that I to this day wonder if its creater had encountered these entities too.
It is the well loved and popular muppet character called Kermit and so I use that name when I speak about these things although growing up I called them frogmen.
Yes I know Kermit is a cute little non threatening puppet but if you could imagine it as a real being all fleshed out you could get a good idea as to how these things looked.
I awoke from this dream in the early morning, not frightened but confused.
I just lay there listening to the sounds of the country side and the squeaking of buckets carried by my mother and my Aunt Bob as they went to fetch fresh water from the spring beside the shallow creek that ran before the house.
Later on that day our mother asked our two older cousins Billy and Jimmy to take Chuck and I to visit some of our other relatives in the area which they did and on our return I was tagging along behind them picking up pebbles and gravel to toss from the little wooden bridge that crossed over the creek that ran before Grannys' house.
Chuck and the other two boys were about ten feet in front of me when I stopped on the bridge to toss in the stones and listen to them splash and sploosh in the rushing waters below.
As I was doing this suddenly there was a sound behind me.
I turned around expecting to see one of my Aunt Buellas many other children, but instead I saw what appeared to be a huge frog like entity squatting in the bushes across from me.
It was the size of a full grown man and looked to be a blending of a human and a frog but it had a purplish black and yellow mottled skin.
I began to feel my body going numb from my legs up as I looked into its eyes
In that instant the Woman spoke in my mind and said,
"Scream or It will take you!"
I was only able to get out one scream.
The next thing I remember is I was inside my grand mothers house and when I tried to tell them what I had seen, my father said stop talking crazy, but Grandpa Posey intervened and said told me I had just had a heat stroke because I wasn't used to the southern heat that's all.
I would have to stay inside for the rest of the day.
This was fine with me after seeing what I know I saw.
That night as the family sat gathered in the living room watching tv I could not get over the feeling that I was being watched through the darkened windows.
Though I could not see it I could sense someone or something standing in the tall grasses by the corn field, I screamed and told Grandpa there was a man outside in the bushes.
Grandpa took "Betsy" his shot gun down from over the door and went outside and returned in a little while and said,
"That's just the wind boy blowing those grasses around that's all."
I now really think he did no more than stand in the front yard and smoked his pipe just to make me feel safe.
My father annoyed, and embarrassed by my actions of the day, said it was time for us to go to get ready for bed any way.
My mother bathed me in the kitchen in one of those big metal tubs and I was sent up stairs and told not to go into the front bed room but the back bed room that night and get into the big bed.
I kissed my parents and my grand parents good night and went upstairs as I reached the top off the stairs I thought I saw or sensed a huge white owl standing in the window staring in at me and I screamed again.
Both my father and grandfather came racing upstairs.
Pop was ready to tare into me, but Grandpa Posey again intervened and asked me what was wrong?
I told him about the huge white owl in the window and he assured me,
"Boy you may have seen on old barn owl in that window but he was looking for a field mouse or a rabbit to eat not a little boy you don't worry about that old owl and go to bed."
Pops' response was far less comforting.
"You scream in here one more time and I'll give you good reason to. " he said.
My brothers were soon to join me and I went to sleep.
I was awakened the next morning because I felt my genitalia being manipulated, I awoke to find my shorts had been pulled down and what I would now say looked to have been red caviar or frogs eggs was now seeping from my penis.
My screams brought both my parents and my grand parents rushing into the room.
I was rushed to the hospital, the doctor kept asking me what was I doing before I started to bleed, but I did not understand the inference of his question and told him the truth I was sleeping.
He gave my mother a black ointment and told her to put it on me before I went to bed.
When after my bath that night I asked her about it she grew furious at me and said, "Just don't mess with it and you won't be bleeding any more!"
Her response baffled and startled me and I never asked about it again.
In the early 90s, I went to the East Village to purchase a new cam corder from
Cheap Charleys', a store that was going out of business, but on getting there I found they were selling the same cam corder that I already owned.
As I was walking back to the subway I came across the Tower Book Store, and was surprised for I only thought Tower sold records and tapes.
The voice of the Woman said " There is something there for you. " and so I went in.
Inside I came across two books:

Alien Abductions True Cases Of UFO Kidnappings
Edited By: D Scott Rogo

The Tunjunga Canyon Contacts
BY Ann Druffel and D. Scott Rogo

In as much as the market was flooded with books about UFO and aliens most of them pure nonsense dealing with the raving of so called channelors, and contactees and plain old run of the mill liars, nuts and fear mongers so I had a long time before then stopped buying books on the subject.
It was only because the woman had told me there was some thing there for me that I even bothered to go in and look about.
My interest in these matters were prompted solely by my encounters and sightings.
I had no real intents of buying any books however as I came up on the section, these were the only two books that I saw which authors I recognized and respected.
D. Scott Rogo had written books about parallel universes that I found on point, and when my abduction case was being investigated by N.Y.C.M.U.F.O.N I received a tape by Ann Druffel, from one of the investigators, and though I found her thoughts very insightful I did not agree with all of them.
That was my only reason for choosing these books.
I had no idea that of the impact both of these books had in store for me.
As I do all books that I read I ruined these books by highlighting things that I have experienced an writing in the blank areas of the pages.
Then I came upon the Rev. Harrison E. Bailey encounter on page 130 of Alien Abductions in which he while being regressed recounts meeting the same type of frog entities on Highway 7 somewhere between Cicero and Jolet, Ill. in 1951 as had I in my dream, and in real life in 1957.
On page 137 there was a mention made that their had been another sighting of these entities in 1977 in France and a request was made that any one that had an encounter with these things get in touch with D. Scott Rogo
I tried to contact him by calling his publisher but when I asked to speak to him I got a long cold pause by the receptionist on the phone and then was told to wait a moment then a man came on and asked what I wanted.
I told him I had read Scott Rogos' book and I would like to speak to him.
He said that D.Scott Rogo could not be contacted now and I asked about how I could reach Ann Druffel then.
There again was a long silence and finally he asked for my number but something in his voice made me uncomfortable and I said "Never mind..." and hang up.
Then years later as I was watching the tv program Unsolved Mysteries I was to find out that the night before I called to speak to him, D.Scott Rogo had been murdered by a youth he had taken in.
I realized then that, that was the reason for the strangeness in the tone of the voice of both the receptionist and the other gentlemen she'd handed the phone to when I had called.
Then in 1993 while I was talking to my baby sister Janet, she told me about an incident with her sons, that was to take me back over thirty years to my first and only visit to see a doctor in Virginia.
She was talking about how, once she had complained to our mother that her son was always pulling at himself to which she told me that my mother answered,
"Oh don't worry, it's natural for little boys to do that, your brother Butch pulled on his so hard when he was a little boy he began to bleed from it, and the doctor gave me a Salt Peter ointment to put on him."
I had not thought about that incident since it occurred and suddenly I understood what the doctor and my parents thought was so funny and why he kept asking me what I was doing before I started to bleed, and why my mother suddenly grew saw angry at me when I asked about the ointment.
Hell I was just six years old when that happened.
I had no idea of what masturbation was in fact it would be seven years later before I discovered that little joy of life.
It was later that year that I was to confront my mother about it, for I was both angered that such a thing was thought of me at such an early age, and mortified that she told my sister such a thing.
When my mother came to visit that summer, I did speak to her about it.
I told her again as I told her, my father, my grand father, and Doctor Johnson back then that I was sleeping when that happened, and I awoke because someone was foundling me, to find myself semi nude and bleeding.
You of course ask yourself why bother with something that happened so long ago what did it matter what they thought?
To that I have to answer I do not know.
That was not the only time I had been wrongly accused of doing something I did not do, but this for some reason ate at me to think that after all those years they still did not believe me.
"I was just a baby then," I said to her " I was too young to know such things about my body, nor would I have known that there was anything considered shameful with doing that then, and so had I done such a thing then, I would have told you so."
"I am an adult now, " I said," so I have no need to lie about such a thing."
"Hell," I said " It was not until I walked in on Chuck in the process of doing it that I was told about masturbation.
I thought he was crazy, and did not believe it until I tried it, and even then no matter how good it felt, I never got so excited as to injure myself!"
That put aside I then asked her just what she remembered about it and what the doctor had said.
"It looked like you had been cut with a small knife." she said, " The doctor said
you must have done it yourself that is why he gave me that salve."
I then told her the whole story about the frog things I had dreamed I had seen in the bedroom the night before.
Then about the big frog thing I had seen hiding in the bushes by the creek the day following it.
Then once done, I waited for her response, not knowing what I expected her to say.
She sat silently looking at me for a moment then she said,
"You know when I was a little girl I used to dream I was being chased by the same things.
I called them demons and I still think that is what they were.
I even remember I killed one of them with a silver needle or spear then they left me alone...... You should have killed it... You should have never let it get away from you... You should have killed the damned thing!"
Her reaction chilled and dumbfounded me.
If she thought it was just a dream why was her reaction so intense toward these things?
She then went on to say,
"You know I am glad you are with that group you told me about.
You need to be with other people like you, people that have seen the same things you have.
(She was talking about the S.P.A.C.E Group an Alien Abduction Support group that I had just joined.)
A few years ago I would have said you were crazy but I've have seen things about it on tv and they have said the same things you've been saying since you were a little boy, there has to be something to it."
She then went on to tell me about an event that had happened to her earlier during her trip from Virginia.
My Aunt Ree used to live in Virginia but later moved to Washington DC when her daughter Needa was offered a better paying job as a school teacher.
On the way up to New York my mother stopped by to visit her and spend the night.
When bed time came she had to share the bed with her, and my aunt apologized and said,
"I am sorry Mattie, but I can not sleep with the lights and the tv off."
My mother remembered the times she and I had staid in Ralphs' apartment during the time he was dieing in the hospital.
How I never slept with out the lights on our the tv running and what I told her when she asked me why I did it.
She laughed and said,
"What's wrong are you like Butch, do you see those little big headed men too?"
Aunt Ree sat up and looked at her and said," Butch sees them also?"
She burst into tears and began to tell her how she saw them all her life and told my grand mother about them, but Granny always told her never to talk about them to any one but her because people would think she was crazy.
They sat up the remainder of the night talking about it.
Mother also stated that Granny was the same way she would not sleep in a room with out the radio playing.
One more point of interest, before this conversation, though I had been in my Aunt Ruths' home many times, I had never noticed until then, that all about her home she collected statues of frogs and most of them standing upright.
It was her telling me these things that was to aid me but a week later in making a decision that would forever change my life, I decided I would go with the Space Group to Brewster New York if they contacted me.
What happened there can be read in my article at this site called,
Quantumantics The Language Of the ETs
Some years after that, as I was working in the kitchen while 60 Minutes was on Tv in the background when the commentator, I believe his name is " Andy Rooney " made a statement about a CBS program called Northern Exposer.
In it he was talking about how much effort was put into making this a excellent program so much so that they researched obscure native American beliefs and myths, even one about a Frog like entity that was said to be a child stealer.
He said it's name but I did not get it.
The chill this statement sent through me made my legs buckle beneath me.
I the next day called CBS to see if I could get in contact with him to see if I
could get the name of the native American entity he had mentioned but when I
got his secretary she asked me what did I want to speak to him about and I told her I wanted to know the name of the entity he had mentioned on the afore nights 60 Minutes she said he had just stepped out of his office but for me to give her my number and she would have him call me back when he got back to his office.
"Yeah right!" I thought and gave her my number but I of course never received the call and still do not know the name of the entity.
So now I still wonder what was it that I saw?
Where the Kermit ETs or ancient spirits long known to the native peoples and now I see my mother?
There is another point that came into my mind as I was writing of this event.
Why did my mother have me and my brothers sleep in the back bed room the following night, and not the front bedroom we had the night before.
Was it because of all those that heard me talk about what I had seen by the creek that day she recognized the entity I had described?
If any one reading this article has heard of this entity or has seen these creatures please get in contact with me.......

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