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In the early 1980's John Hutchison walked into a DOD building and requested to be put on the mailing list for the DOD newsletter for defense contractors. The receptionist queried him about his credentials, to which John honestly replied "I used to work with your government". Subsequently for years afterwards John was part of the DOD mailing list and received many secret documents never made public before. In the early 90's when the DOD cross referenced their list of renegade researchers, and their newsletter lists, they discovered they had a leak... They immediately cancelled his subscription, and refused to renew it. Thank you DOD for all of the documentation that is about to be disclosed to the world through this site alone. No one else is making these newsletters public. Each of John's newsletters will have a full issue of the DOD newsletter, some 30 pages long, some hundreds. Most will be offered through the newsletter, however there are some that are too astounding to keep under wraps. They will be found below as they are scanned and put into PDF format for your convenience. These technical references are definitely a must have for any and all truth seekers, ufo enthusiasts, as well as propulsion, anti gravity, temporal, quantum mechanic, and zero point researchers. It's never too late to join the armies of one, become a renegade today!

DOD Newsletter Issue #001

DOD Letter of regret
CIA Response ARPA Response

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