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Now You See It, Now you Don’t

© Brian Allan 2003

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It is almost impossible to examine this most bizarre phenomenon in isolation because it contains many elements common to a wide range of paranormal events. However, as we will soon see, quite apart from sharing many of the same parameters, when one examines the implications there might yet be a plausible answer in terms of particle physics. Curiously, the corroboration for these theories appears to come from sources not normally associated with science or scientific methodologies. Hopefully, some of the points raised in the course of this article may cause the reader to re-evaluate traditional ideas on certain aspects of mediumship and the paranormal in general. While it is not my intention to cause offence to anyone with religious sensibilities, given the nature of the subject I am forced to confront and question certain aspects of conventional religious doctrine where it runs contrary to the thrust of this article.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

The ‘apports’ phenomenon

In purely spiritualist terms, the term ‘apport’ is given to any object that appears spontaneously in the course of a séance. Normally, each apport should have specific meaning to one or more sitters at the séance and they are intended to demonstrate the reality of contact with the afterlife in a tangible manner. The objects are normally small, e.g. brooches, pebbles or buttons etc, but irrespective of what the objects may be, they manifest instantaneously in the séance room and appear to travel through solid matter to get there. In some instances they fall with a thud upon the floor or table, in others they appear to drift down as if virtually weightless, than gain weight quite quickly. In many cases they are warm, (up to 40 degrees Centigrade) to the touch, certainly much warmer than the normal ambient temperature of the séance room. If this phenomenon occurred in isolation it would be reasonable to assume it was solely an adjunct of spiritualist phenomena, but it does not, it has parallels right across the entire paranormal/UFO spectrum.

The Philadelphia Experiment

There are specific links between instances of poltergeist manifestations, metal bending, the hotly debated ‘Hutchison Effect’ and especially, alleged ‘teleportation’. Although each of these phenomena can be examined individually, eventually, investigation reveals to a greater or lesser degree inescapable similarities between them all. In the case of

poltergeist activity the apports tend to be thrown around with considerable violence while other objects move around quite gently. Loud noises and bangs also occur and in some cases voices are heard. Instances of metal bending usually involve the participation, voluntary or otherwise, of a human agency. Although there are claims of controlled experiments proving the reality of this phenomenon, there is still widespread scepticism about both it and those claiming the ability. Although there are high profile luminaries like Uri Geller who apparently demonstrate this ability at will, it should be remembered that he is

primarily a professional showman, conjuror and mentalist who makes his living performing such feats and this should always be born in mind.

While still on the subject of alleged teleportation, ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’ and what actually happened on August the 12th 1943 to the ‘USS Eldridge’ during wartime experiments to create radar invisibility have become mired in lies, myth, misinformation and just possibly somewhere in this confusion, a glimmer of truth. Did the ship suddenly become invisible at the Philadelphia naval yards and simultaneously appear at the navy yards at Norfolk, Virginia several thousand miles away? Other claims relating to this experiment made by survivors, Al Bielek and Carl Allen, (sometimes called Carlos Allende), suggest that some of the crewmen aboard the Eldridge had simply vanished upon its return, while others suffered from acute psychiatric problems in the aftermath and incredibly, some died after becoming fused into the steelwork of the ship. Despite a series of books and still ongoing speculation about the subject, there have been consistent denials issued by the US Government regarding both the ship and the alleged experiment. In spite of, and indeed perhaps because of the dogged, official refutations, as with similar incidents, Roswell and Rendlesham are two of the best known; the story simply will not go away. However, recent claims emerging from Canada indicate that perhaps the mythology surrounding The Philadelphia Experiment and its aftermath contains more than a grain of truth.


The Hutchison Effect

‘The Hutchison Effect’ is another area of research consistently met with absolute and steadfast denial by the US authorities, even when such information is requested under the US FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). This famous and contentious enigma involves an accidental discovery made by Canadian researcher John Hutchison indicating that anomalous magnetic fields can and do cause items to spontaneously levitate. Another bizarre manifestation of this effect containing more than a hint of The Philadelphia Experiment indicates that some apparently totally incompatible items like straw and steel became fused seamlessly into one another as though the molecular bonds cementing each item together suddenly became permeable and allowed them to merge. This curious effect is

supposedly attained using inter-modulated electromagnetic fields at domestic currents and voltages of, 110V A/C at 13amps. If this account is indeed accurate, then what type of result was actually obtained on the Eldridge using considerably higher voltages and currents? Claims involving teleportation, i.e. an object disappearing in one location and re appearing in another, are the closest to apports in absolute terms and both sets of phenomena should conform to the same physical laws. Although various research establishments throughout the world are allegedly currently undertaking experimentation in techniques involving

teleportation, as yet there are no reported major breakthroughs except for some success in transmitting subatomic particles.

This however does not mean that other, more tangible results have not been achieved and immediately classified as would befit the clandestine nature of the military/industrial complex. Hutchison contacted both the US Army and the Canadian Government to have them evaluate his discovery and they responded by sending a team from the LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory) based in Albuquerque in New Mexico. The team arrived, made videotapes, took measurements and readings then left, and when Hutchison later attempted to obtain copy of the report under the US Freedom of Information Act, he was told by the US Army that the information was classified and the Canadian Government informed him it was ‘Not in the interests of national security’. This leads one to speculate that perhaps official attempts to replicate and reproduce at will what occurred to the USS Eldridge were not a complete success and perhaps Hutchison had inadvertently stumbled on one of the keys to unlocking the mystery of deliberate and controlled teleportation. In fact it later emerged during a lengthy correspondence, once again under the US FOIA,

relating to Hutchison’s claims between me and the US Army Intelligence Dept at Ft. Meade in Maryland USA, that they had unaccountably ‘lost’ the report, as indeed had the LANL. It also transpired that unknown to Hutchison an electrical engineer named George Hathaway who had assisted him over a considerable period was indirectly working for and paid by, US Army intelligence. This news took Hutchison completely by surprise because he had

trusted Hathaway implicitly. My enquiries also revealed that another ‘friend’ of Hutchison’s, John Anderson, who, at the time was supposedly assisting him through the jungle of red tape encountered in dealing with governmental departments was eventually exposed as a serving US army intelligence officer.


Into the Quantum World

As with apports, all the examples already mentioned involve, whether involuntarily or otherwise, the manipulation of electrical fields and sub atomic particles. The heating effect noticed in apports is an obvious sign that the atoms comprising the individual object have been excited to a high level and therefore heated prior to and during the process of transportation. It is therefore apparently necessary that each apport be broken down into its component particles in order to pass through solid walls on its way to the séance room. We should however bear in mind that metal heats in the presence of strong EM fields, a fact that is regularly exploited in industry. There is another possibility here though, is it also conceivable that rather than breaking the apport down, the frequency of the apport is altered allowing it to pass right through objects existing at different frequency? Since we and everything around us is composed of particles existing at a particular frequency, then for us they are solid and real. However, once the frequency of any given item be it animate or inanimate is altered to another state, then that object effectively becomes invisible and probably permeable. The best analogy is the use of ‘carrier waves’ in communications and radio propagation, where, once a base frequency is established, then it become possible to lock other harmonic signals e.g. ‘side bands’ to the base frequency (hence the term carrier). Is it then feasible that just as radio and television waves can penetrate the walls of a house, then material items can be broken down in terms of frequency and transmitted from one location to another, irrespective of whether one location exists in our physical plain or not. Another factor to take into account is that by rendering any object into its component particles it has to be reassembled in the same manner and more importantly in the correct order, so in effect the device used to dismantle the object has to retain the structure of that object in its ‘memory’ in order to correctly reassemble it elsewhere.


The Spiritual Dimension


Whatever the physical mechanism behind it, if the apports phenomenon is being driven by non-corporeal entities then what possible type of technology is used here, one thing is certain, Isaac Newton’s traditional laws of physics cannot apply here. Mediums and psychics appear to accept this phenomenon as a matter of course without considering its

implications, for this factor more than anything else shows clear similarities with the manner in which UFO’s seem to appear instantaneously and disappear in an identical manner. It also shares the same attributes observed during alleged abduction scenarios when the abductor is able to enter rooms directly through the walls and the abductee is floated out through closed windows and walls into a waiting spacecraft. Once again, solid objects present no obvious barrier to either the abductors or their victims. In addition, this is of course an attribute associated with ghosts and apparitions.

A five-year- long series of experiments conducted by the Scole Group near Diss in Norfolk, England may help explain what is happening here. During this time, the group with the aid of their ‘spirit team’ were able to conduct several controlled and witnessed exercises in creating pictures and text on Polaroid and

conventional film. A series of interesting and intriguing videotapes were made, voice communication occurred and several apports were received. According to the records of the Scole Group, the ‘spirit team’ consists of discarnate intelligences and scientists who have died in this reality and moved on to another energy state. The desire to continue in their chosen discipline does not necessarily vanish because the host body dies, therefore they were apparently able to assist in the design of a device allowing direct voice communication with them, this proved to be a species of crystal set. It should be stressed here that once consciousness is set free from the body it still possesses free will, and the spirit team assisting the Scole Group did so entirely by choice. Another rather more worrying point to emerge from the project was not only the realisation that we are surrounded by a series of additional dimensions, but that each contains entities, many of whom can move freely between them and some of them are openly hostile towards us. This discovery appears to corroborate a recent conclusion from quantum physics stating that in order for

‘string theory’ to function there has to be a series of additional dimensions. It also serves to give credence to another, more fundamental aspect of particle physics saying that sub-atomic particles can exist in more than one state at any given time, in other words they may exist simultaneously in more than one location and not necessarily in this reality. Furthermore, it also strongly suggests that the entities from these alternate realities may be the occupants of the UFO’s we occasionally encounter here on earth.

However, does this indicate that those on the ‘other side’ who wish to give a personal token to the living in the form of an apport, are able to manipulate matter at will? Is it conceivable that once freed from our bodies and returned to

pure energy states, we all have the ability to manipulate subjective reality by

using an utterly new type of non-physical technology? If this is the case, then a profound understanding of the theory and practical applications of particle physics is necessary, or perhaps the same physical and non-physical laws simply do not apply. However, there is yet other aspects of this enigma and these are the claims made over the centuries for the miracles allegedly performed by a series of holy men and women; the Christian saints. Some of the claims made on behalf of these remarkable people are simply incredible, particularly those of spontaneous levitation and bi-location. These claims highlight the fact that if genuine, then the ability to bypass the laws of physics is far from new, although it still gives no clues regarding how it is achieved other than an vague, obsessive desire to please and appease ‘God’ and depending on the nature of ‘God’, perhaps part of the answer lies here.

Perhaps what we see here is clear evidence that God is not sentient in any meaningful sense and perhaps what mankind has worshipped for millennia is in fact an all pervasive energy field that can be contacted at an unconscious level and converted into usable energy; in effect the real power of prayer. It is often said that illnesses and disasters have been alternately cured, avoided or averted by the use of prayer, but always at the whim of God. Is it possible that what is achieved has nothing to do with a third party and purely by an act of will? Following on from this, is it likely that those holy people who were bodily lifted from the ground or appeared simultaneously in two or more places had unwittingly tapped into a source of spiritual energy and were using it in a reflexive and uncontrolled manner?

From what we have seen, there is an obvious need to examine the current state of science and technology but there is an equally pressing need to study spiritual development, belief and the enhancement of consciousness, for until we can confront our own fears and superstition it is doubtful that we will ever fully understand the nature of the power around us.


© Brian Allan


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