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Interview with jim cherry by Melissa Favara from the Fanzine TEEN SLEUTH. April 2000

A film documentary about the life of scientist John Hutchison is being produced, written and directed by Saginaw, MI native Jim Cherry and his film company Worldwireless films. Mr. Cherry began working in indie film in 1989 in Kalamazoo, MI as an actor & musician, moved to Chicago, New York and looked for work as an Actor for 8 years before he decided that he no longer wanted to be in front of the camera. He then focused on Documenting the rust-belt ethos of his midwestern hometown Saginaw, MI. While he did this, he wrote a screenplay about a secret meeting between Nikola Tesla & G. Marconi that took place in the 30's about starting a secret society in the Andes mountains. While he was doing research for writing that film he came across John Hutchison. In the last 3 years jim cherry has subsequently devoted his life to working on the Documentary about the life of John Hutchison. Faced with the difficult process of securing funding for the film as well as considerable and logistical and bureaucratic obstacles, Mr. Cherry is determined to make a public record of work and perspectives that challange the commonly held beliefs about the structures of reality. He feels that this structure enforces a society of haves and have-nots.
Jim discusses whats on the horizon for his film, "The Poltergiest Machine" a film about Scientist John Hutchison. While jim was on his way up to B.C. Vancouver he also revealed some of his influences from film and life for Teen Slueth in my living room in Portland OR.

Mel: how did you discover John Hutchison?
Jim: I was writing a screenplay that involved a story I read about Nikola Tesla stating that he and Marconi had figured out how to build an engine for a HOVER CRAFT. (for those that don't know TESLA keep reading) I've known about Tesla since the 4th grade and always wanted to make a film about some of his stories. So when I came home to Saginaw to make a film I chose TESLA as my subject matter. I was doing some research into modern peoples work with Tesla technology and came across John's (hutchison effect) name a few times. It was noted that he could make objects levitate with high voltage and radio frequencey. I knew right away that John was the real deal and on the right track because of my study of TESLA and his experiments in this area. So I put my Tesla screenplay down and devoted all my time into researching John. After more research into John I was satisfied he was for real and I made contact with him by phone, we spoke for a while about ourselves and then I told him I wanted to make a film about him.
MEL: how did he react to that?
JIM: He was elated. Others had started to make a films about him but they never materialized for whatever reason. He intimated that he had been waiting for someone like me to come along. Someone with my kind of energy and spirit. And someone who's life is deeply influenced by TESLA today.
Mel: Will the film focus on the the technical aspects of John's work or will it be more about his life?
Jim: It will focus on nothing really- The film will explain the technical aspects of John's work through narration. You'll understand how levitations occour by the time the film is over. It's all explained in a way a 7th grader will understand- through metaphor i guess. But in between you get to see the personnel life of this amazing man- who happens to also be a brilliant scientist- and that's the thing about this film to me! I'd make a film about John even if he were'nt this genius scientist because he is an amazing man with a wonderful vision for the world.
MEL: What has most suprised you in making this film?
JIM: I never realized how much alike the science and art communities are alike. In fact I now think that there are more starving scientists than artists. And most of these scientists are the ones who should be working on the problems of our planet because from what I can see- alot of these people have already solved alot of our problems- and John is the Prime example.
MEL: Unlike most films alot of people don't want this film to be made, can you explain who and why that is? And how has it effected you?
JIM: Who it is? Alot of different people and groups- the list is long but I'll give you a few biggies. ALL OIL COMPANIES & ENERGY COMPANIES. All Governments. That's just the start. Why? Free Energy and Tesla information that I'm going to make public that noone has ever gone public with before because noone has had the insight or courage I guess. How has it effected me? I've got alot of pressure on my shoulders- more than I can express and more than people could understand so I don't bring it up.
Mel: who is TESLA to you- because I've read so many things about him that you say are'nt true. but the stuff you tell me about him seems even harder to swallow than the stuff I've read.
JIM: Well-... To those who hold TESLA close to there hearts I don't think we can describe what he means to us. I guess if you just look at what he's done. What one person did with his focus- The only thing holding him back was the ignorance of our time. Hence- a man TRULY ahead of his time. People still are'nt ready to accept the ideas he came up with. Because alot of it has to do with letting go of greed- and the old dark ways of living.
People are'nt ready for FREEDOM. I guess that's what TESLA is to me. He is SELF LIBERATION to me. He invented the radio- A.C. Current, the 1st Robots, the Wireless Remote Control, anything WIRELESS, X-ray, Radar. The list goes on and on- He is the Father of out technological age. Without Tesla, Edison would still have us in the dark and our homes still catching fire from DC current! We owe everything to TESLA and still I've met people who have gone to collage for Electrical engineering and have never heard of him. To me this is the biggest SHAME to our society- the epitimy of our ingnorance to the biggest picture- the one that connects us all in the end.
MEL: How was this film funded? Have you look outward for help for this project. It seams alot of people would want to get behind all of these important issues of enviroment and FREE ENERGY
JIM: Yeah. That's what I thought too. I paid for all of this out of my own pocket after 2 years of looking. Thousands of dollars in postage and phone bills. I worked and saved and worked and saved. I asked for help from everyone to Robert Redford to Kevin Smith. I got letters back from alot of them because I wrote them until they replied- and they all said. Good luck, this work is very important but it's too risky and scary for me to get behind, because this film steps on EVERYONE'S toes. Becasue the energy and oil companies own a peice of every company in the wolrd. There all connected- and once you become Robert Redford I guess you have to play it safe at his age. And I guess because my film had no humour in it Kevin Smith would'nt help me either. He said to me, "what's in it for me? it's not funny so I can't help you. even though it's the most important topic ever to be discussed in a movie EVER! I have stacks of letters from all kinds of film companies, rock stars, movie stars telling me why they can't help me. And I wrote some of them back and said do you know anyone who would help me. And they wrote back and said yes, but I can't even do that because I don't want my name brought into it. Pretty amazing to me. When I see someone like Susan Surandon standing up thinking she knows so much about what's good for everyone. I want to holler at these people and show them what's really going on in the world. When Robert DeNero stood up for the President I wanted to smack his fake ass and tell him to stand up for TESLA! He's done a million times more for you than Bill Clinton. But these people are just media pawns- DeNero is only tough on screen. Off screen he's just a frightend old man who does'nt know what's going on either. But I'm gonna tell them all- I'm going to educate all of them and show them what they've been missing- the biggest picture. ( is that too much? it's how i feel though. if it sounds too pissed off maybe you should edit that part out- but you know??? Sometimes I just feel like... get with the real program of reality here will you people. Let's talk about the real issues and let me show you how so many peopel have given us all the answers- for goodnes sakes we have engines that run on water!!!!! Batteries that last Forever!!!! comeone let's get going)
MEL: What film-makers have influenced you?
JIM: Les Blank, Michael Moore, Barry Levinson, Bennet Miller, Wim Wenders, The SLEESTACKS at LEPOTONE FILMS. There are more but these guys are the film-makers that made me see that I could be a film-maker becasue I understood exactly what they were doing. I saw life the same way.
Mel: What are some films you would suggest young film-makers intersted in movie making to watch?
JIM: wow! that's tuff- because there is sooo much out there. and I guess it depends on you- what life has given you. everyone inturprets the same things in life differently. Some people just make horror films. Some people can make ANY kind of movie. I'm hoping to become that kind of film-maker. I've made a Documentary- now I'd like to tell a fictional story with Actors- After that I'd like to make a Doc about Russel Means or CornelWest whoever can do it 1st or I'll do both. Then I'd like to make a science fiction movie. But.... the Question was what would I suggest right? well..not in any order but these would be the 1st 10 I'd tell people to Watch- and I'll put and Extra 5 in there to sub any you may have seen.
1) What's eating Gibert Grape.
2) Searching for Bobby Fisher.
3) City of the lost Children.
4) Wings of Desire & Far Away so Close (one after the other)
5) Zardoz.
6) the Natural.
7) Avalon.
8) Burden of Dreams
9) the Big One.
10) the Cruise.

Extra 1-5
1a) Yojimbo.
2a) Mallrats.
3a) Do the Right Thing.
4a) Boondock Saints
5a) 6 ways till Sunday

I'd suggest all of these for those starting out needing ideas to steal! Don't forget. "Talent Borrows- Genius Steals"
MEL: What do you think of Films today?
JIM: well... that's tuff for me to answer too because I'm at both ends of it. I think people are making some incredible films today- better than ever of course because of technology and the wide spectrum of actors out there in the world. and yet i stll see SOOOO many films that lack creativity, spirit and vision. Mostly I see films genrated as a viable commodity. But even so! Every once in a while a NIRVANA happens. I think I could start a production company that could give both. Top rate films that make alot of money because I know what people want to see- and I can convince those that don't know what they want that they want my films- because everyone will be talking about the subject matter of my films because I'd only allow genius writers & directors to make films for me- Not any old hack who just graduated from collage and knows nothing about film-making or story telling for that matter. Does that answer your Question? I think I could single handedly turn this industy upside down and redefine who gets to see and make what in movie houses across the planet. Because I'd kick all the old farts out of the industry that only have one thing on there mind. The Dollar$$$. That's what I think of film today- It'd be real easy to make it better just like anything else in our world- but a bunch of greedy ignorant old white guys happen to be in charge right now- So I'm gonna show the world that they don't really know what there doing and they don't belong there. O.K? so anyone that wants a job in the film-making world- contact me now at- [email protected]
MEl: So what do you want people to walk away with after seeing this film?
JIM: Alot... Really...... There is so much in this film that i hope people watch it 2 or 3 times because I think it's gonna take that to understand some of the science stuff- But on the surface you'll be looking into this wonderfully energetic and bright man's life who also happens to be an amazing scientist and I think that alone will entertain everyone watching- even if there not watching because they've heard he's the HOLY GRAIL of Science in the area of Propulsion Technology. I think that's why it really works well- It's like a double grooved record- play it once and it plays one thing- but next time catch the other groove and hear something complety different. I hope people catch that about the film. But.... but most of all I hope that the kids like it- Becasue in the end that's who I'm making it for- to let them know there imagination is more powerful than anything. to keep dreaming- nothing is impossible. I show you the proof of all of this in the film. Science can no longer deny it. Whatever you imagine can become reallity if you have faith in yourself and don't listen to those negative people who say your wrong or crazy or wasting your time. What do you want? I hope it makes people ask themselves that, knowing now they can have anything- what do you want? and... just because you can't see it doesn't mean it is'nt there, right? is'nt that faith? I just hope people like it - that's all. I hope they get it a liitle. I'm crossing my fingers. Most of all though... I hope John Hutchison likes it more than anyone else- He has been an inspiration in my life like none I've ever experienced. He is truly an old soul and a beautiful man- I am very honored that he calls me a friend.

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