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Caroline Allart and John in the Ash st. Lab 1998. Yin in Arizona Bell Rock.
Yin on an Island off of Hiroshima City.
Yin in Hollywood at Christmas time 1984.
Jan Carrol 2001 Karen Dobson and John 1998.
Lee Denis 2003.
Shandra Miller daughter of Mary Anne's 1996.
Mary Anne Miller 2003. Mary Anne Miller 2003.
Lee Denis December Christmas 2002.
Tara Lee Texas 2001.
Yin and John in Sherman Oaks California 1999
Linda Maclain in Glendale California 1997.
Yin in Sherman Oaks 1999 Yin in Arizona 1994
Chris and Yin in Oceanside California 1999.
Yin in John's Ash st. apartment, rare pre-lab photo.
Yin and John in Sherman Oaks 1999. Yin met with Mrs Roddenbary in Hollywood.
Yin and Tashee in Agoura Hills California.
Yin's singer friend from Agoura Hills.
Lee Denis 1999
Mary Anne 1997
Miss Nancey O'connel Sherman Oaks 1999. Linda Mclain's sister and friends Glendale California 1997.
Corrine Tysson 2005 New Westminster B.C. Ash st.
Astar Athena and John visiting in L.A. Brentwood.
Jan Carrol 2001. Yin at Christmas time in Hollywood 1984.
Yin in the Ash st. apt, pre-lab.
Mary Anne 2003 Ash st. lab.
Yin filming in Italy 1975.
Yin in Munic Germany at Christmas time.
Mary Anne in the Ash st. Lab 2003. Yin and John in Quark's bar on set of Deep Space Nine 1997.
Mary Anne 2003.  

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