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What ever happened to this project?

Do you still have it?

Will Discovery air the Bluebook Film, or do another documentary?

Did it work?

As of April last year, the project was shut down due to moisture and location details. The moisture from the rainy winter caused the ark to create an emp pulse that destroyed a 15kv 60ma transformer, brand new 307$ unit. We melted the tar out of the unit and attempted a stovetop repair (if you have a pure white kitchen or a lady in your home, NEVER DO THIS) all we did was make a big mess, and verify that the secondary melted. As a result a long clean up ensued and we ended up having to throw away the custom t-shirts we used as rags for the mess that day.
Also as a result of the emp pulse, the hydro meter was knocked out of adjustment, the bill went from 27$ to 460$ and hydro refused to adjust it. As a result the project was shelved until after the Ark was air dried in a heated storage locker for 5 months. A lot of 22 neon sign transformers was purchased, and a batch of doorknob capacitors is on order from Xing, China. A new lab has since been established. The experimentation will continue, full steam ahead. The last strikes were at 100 per second, and about 6-8 feet long. It was loud, terrifying, and amazing! Alot of cash and sacrifice was involved in it's creation. It was worth every penny, every moment. I realized immediately I needed a larger work space. I was struck. I also had a failing homemade cap discharge into my cheek. Aaron, Moses' brother was killed touching the original ark. Caution and a large workspace cannot be stressed enough. There will be no stopping this experiment, the mazer and other ancient tech experiments in various stages of completion hinges on the completion of the Ark. It will all cumulate in the attempt at levitation of a piece of granite made from ancient technology, powered by the Ark. John knows how to make solid state frequency generators designed with the fundamental frequencies programmed right in. So once the Ark powers such a levitation device, we will announce it on the site, and detail the exact construction in the newsletter. Stay TUNED, we will bring you more before christmas when the capacitors arrive.

This section will get filled out more as we go along with the testing of the Ark.

So far, the coils have been run outside of the box due to the large saltwater temporary capacitor in use. I have found although thick rubber insulated wires are great, the best wire I could find is aircraft cable, coated. Otherwise known as clothes-line. The electrons flow really well through this wire. Also it seems to have the same insulation factor as expensive neon sign wire. When in need of another wire, just clip off another piece of the roll, and solder a couple of terminals onto it. The first main test of the box it's self was Nov 11 06. The point was to observe whether or not it charges up as a capacitor. The lightning went from 8" to 24 inches, also the box generated large amounts of ozone inside the empty box. The fact that the box will by its nature displace all "air" inside it while in operation lends to the theory that when it is running assembled, it may be some kind of massive radio vacuum tube set. The tests proved that the box is capable of being a very high output tank capacitor. Due to the subsequent destruction of the neon sign transformer (NST), we will be making a set of heavy duty chokes to protect the new NST from the high voltage slamming of EM pulses that occur during operation. There is much more on this topic to come, as time permits.

Test eagle ontop of a coil button Rack mount, from the trash to completion, cost.. 0$ button
Testing with a spare brass eagle sparkgap sheilded by uv blocking lexan sheets button Testing coils beside the coil winding lathe button
Counter, power amp, sweep oscillator, frequency signal generator button Double stacked coils output at least twice button
Variac used in original Hutchison Effect experiments rebuilt in a new cabnet button Brass drawer knob static spark gap button

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